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Blog post causes backlash at local salon

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

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BROOKFIELD -- Alison Ziebell is a local mom fighting a brain tumor.  She writes a blog chronicalling her journey with her children and family.

What she wrote about an experience at a salon has gone viral. And it has police involved.

Alison and her sister-in-law Amy were shopping for wigs at Sharon's Wig Salon. According to the blog post Amy wanted to look through a catalog of wig selections when the owner wouldn't let her see it.

"The salesperson yelled at the top her lungs, 'I hope all your hair falls out.'"

Owner Sharon Heyden says that didn't happen, and calls it a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, employees at the salon say Alison and her sister-in-law swore at them and slammed the door when they left. 

Sharon's Salon had an A-Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, but that page is now under review after a large backlash from the community.

The salon says they'd be willing to give Alison the wig she wanted for free. Alison says she has received a number of offers.