Birthday girls give their own gifts to Wisconsin vets

CREATED Feb 16, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- It's a heartwarming way to celebrate a birthday. A trio of friends didn't ask for gifts for themselves. Instead, they asked for donations to honor our country's veterans.

The birthday girls are jumping for joy, even though they didn't get any presents at their 10th birthday party.

“We don't really need that much presents," laughed Mary Poblocki.

Another birthday girl, 10 year old Megan, was inspired to donate because both of her parents are veterans.

"They’ve done a lot of good things to serve our country, so we can have a good life," says Megan.

She and her two other friends are collecting donations for the Veterans Employment Alliance.

“It's cold right now, and they don't have heaters to get warm," mused Adrianna Alberts.

Former homeless vet, CJ Brown, says the VEA is helping 13 families right now. They're always looking for more donations.

"Well, it's cold out there,” remarked Brown. “Many of them get sick. Some of them are dying on the streets."

The fact that these girls are helping veterans in need makes their parents proud.

"I love it,” says Megan’s mom Kathleen. “It tells me that I’m doing the right thing. It tells me that retiring from the service to be a full-time mom was the right decision."

The three birthday girls plan on dropping off the donations at the VEA center later this month.