Benefit planned for children whose parents were killed in a car crash

CREATED Apr 27, 2014

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RICHFIELD - Just one day after a crash in Washington County, a benefit is already being planned for the five children whose mother and father were killed in the accident.

A benefit will take place May 31st at the Sterling Chalet, formerly known as the Richfield Chalet.

Heidi McKenna owns it and graduated high school with one of the victims, and just wants to help. She says that when she heard what happened, she just felt numb.

They're grieving over the loss of their friends who were killed when their car crossed the center line and went airborne on Highway 164, just a quarter mile from their home. Friends identify the couple as Josh and Monica Griebel, high school sweethearts who were raising five children in the home where Monica had grown up.

People were sharing photos of the couple from happier times this weekend on Facebook.

But the focus now is on the Griebel's children. Friends say the leave behind four girls and a boy who's just a year old. They want to wrap their arms around the children with love. Heidi McKenna's already planning a benefit.

"And we're hoping to get a lot of help and just help them. Because I think we had such a small class that you just feel close to everybody in it, ya know, regardless of if you lost touch out of high school or not," said McKenna.

Sister Connie Taylor, who works with grieving children, says here's what can be expected.

"The feeling of numbness and not being sick to your stomach, having stomach aches, not being able to sleep," said Sister Connie Taylor from "My Good Mourning Place" in Milwaukee.

Sister Connie says grieving children need to know they're not alone. Questions like these might help.

"Is there anything you need? What would help you? If you need to call, do you want me to stay? Can I read you a book? Anything that would bring comfort to them," said Sister Connie.