Behind the scenes of Summerfest's food vendors

CREATED Jul 3, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 4, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Eating your way through the Big Gig? Here's how restaurants keep things safe for the crowds in their Summerfest kitchens.

The Charcoal Grill just one of dozens of food vendors at the Big Gig, and like everyone else they are busy all day every day.
"We go through a lot of food down here.  This is our biggest festival," Manager Randy Ortloff tells us. 
This BBQ spot serves up to 500 chickens and 1500 burgers every day of the 11 day run.  They also work hard to follow health guidelines. 
"We always make sure every night we scrub everything down, clean everything up, put everything away."  Ortloff points out every day brings a new challenge in this kitchen away from home.  "No matter how much you try to be on top of this there's things you can miss also."
That's why health inspectors are on the grounds daily checking food temperatures, among other things.  The Charcoal Grill knows the routine; its had the same chefs at Summerfest for almost a decade.  
"They all know the routine. They know what we have to do to make sure the product is safe going out to the guests."  Reassuring to know as you eat your way through the Big Gig.
The City of Milwaukee health inspectors visit every food vendor, every day, during Summerfest's 11 day run.