'Beasties' make their way back to Milwaukee

CREATED Aug 22, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- They come in all shapes and sizes and have been sold all over the world.  

Forty-six cute and colorful "Beasties" were supposed to be delivered to DeLind Gallery of Fine Art Friday morning, but there's been a change of plans.

You can thank Mother Nature for the delay. Flooding has slowed down the truck carrying the colorful creations. Customer, Eido Walny, says he's waited a decade to get his own beastie. 

"I mean, these are a Milwaukee institution,” expresses Walny. “So, to have a little piece of that, and to know this is part of - literally the last shipment that may ever come, it's exciting."

Walny works in a law firm above the gallery. We're told Friday’s delivery is now slated for Tuesday at eight a.m.

"I’m waiting for the truck to arrive to see what actually comes. I'm looking for the one called "Sitting Joy" - the ones with the arms stretched out," says Walny.

Pamela Brown of DeLind Gallery, says creator, Dennis Pearson, retired in New Zealand. He doesn't make as many as he used to. That's why these fiberglass Beasties are so prized.

"I do not envision another Beastie delivery at all. And if there is, it'll be a big surprise to me," shares Brown.

Once the colorful creations arrive, they'll be unpacked, placed in the gallery, and sold one by one. They cost anywhere from $350 to $8,500.

There are still some Beasties for sale. Just give the gallery a call at 414-271-8525.