Bar owner tried CPR after shooting man in self-defense

CREATED Aug 20, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - As Andy Kochanski remembers, his first instinct Friday morning was to shoot at the three men who barged into his bar waving guns and demanding money.

His second instinct was to try and save the life of the man he just shot.
"That's who I am, you know. I'm a firefighter, even though I don't have my badge anymore. I always will be a firefighter," Kochanski said while seated at the bar of his south side watering hole.
At a spot three steps away from where he sat Tuesday evening, Kochanski performed CPR on 23-year-old Carmelo L. Matoz-Arzola and called 911 for help.
Matoz-Arzola later died of a single gunshot wound.
Police say he was one three men who covered their faces and walked into the Concertina Beer Hall early Friday morning, two of them waving guns.
The weapons recovered at the scene were BB guns, according to court documents.
A fact Kochanski said does not change anything about what happened.
"The looked like real weapons to me," he said. "Real enough."
Milwaukee County prosecutors agreed, ruling the shooting a justifiable act of self-defense. Kochanski will face no charges for what he believed was a life-or-death scenario.
One of the other two men, 21-year-old Jose Munoz, is in custody and charged with attempted robbery,
A third man is still on the run, according to police.