Badgers fans getting ready to cheer on Big Red in Texas

CREATED Apr 4, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Thousands of Wisconsin fans are heading to Dallas to support their team as they take on Kentucky in the Final Four round of the NCAA tournament on Saturday.

"I'm going crazy with excitement," said Ryan Greb, who's flying to Dallas Friday afternoon with a group of friends.

They're all Wisconsin alumni. Every year they go on a Badgers road trip.

"I can't wait to get down there and cheer on the Badgers and see how crazy it is down there."

The game will be held in the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

"You see pictures of it on TV and online and it just looks incredible. From what I've heard, it's just kind of an awe-inspiring place," Greb said.

Bucky fans will undoubtedly notice a lot of red in the stands.

"I hope there are thousands and thousands of us," Greb said. "I know Badgers always travel really strong. It would be great if we could fill up half that stadium and turn it into a home game for us and just blow away the other fans."

Greb laughs about his own Badgers gear for Saturday's match-up.

"I've got the Badger bibs going; I got a Badger sweatshirt, and a Badger T-shirt that I typically wear. And I did go buy some Badger-red shoes for the trip, he said.

It sounds like he's all ready to go.

"I'm super pumped. Ready to rock and roll!"