Badgers fans clearing out Final Four merchandise faster than stores can keep up

CREATED Apr 2, 2014

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MADISON - Stores that sell University of Wisconsin gear are struggling to stay stocked as the Badgers men's basketball team heads to the Final Four.

"It has been crazy," said Angie Maniaci, Collegiate Clothing Buyer for the University Bookstore.

Final Four merchandise is selling out so quickly, that employees often don't even have time to hang up the new items.

"We kind of just throw the boxes on the floor so people can just grab what they need," Maniaci said.

The store has even had to beef up its staff.

"We brought in two temps today just to help us put away our other products because everything is selling and we just don't have time to put away that stuff and get the Final Four stuff out," Maniaci said.

All of the Final Four merchandise is selling quickly, but there's one item that seems to be topping everyone's list.

"They all want the “net worthy” T-shirts that the players wore right after the [Elite Eight] game," Maniaci said.

Excitement is running high among customers, who all want to show their Badger pride.

"You have to be. I mean, it was electric. If people are swarming State Street, yeah, they're going to want to come in and buy a shirt and show everyone they're stoked about the Badgers going to the Final Four," Maniaci said.

It's been a long time since enthusiasm about the team has been so strong.

"I was actually here for the 2000 one and we have tripled sales already based on that one," Manaci said. "And that one was electric and this one is just insane."