Badgers fans celebrate a victory

CREATED Mar 22, 2014

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 MILWAUKEE - The first half of the game proved this wasn't an easy win, but ultimately, the Badgers pulled it off. When it ended, we were in the arena, watching as Wisconsin fans went crazy. A great night, where we found so many sons hanging out with their dads. Whether it was their very first NCAA game together...

"I'm here with my wonderful son Darnell Young. I'm enjoying the game," said Antione Young/Badgers fan.

Or, one of many...

"It's good bonding time for us," said Andy Arnold, Badgers fan.

Fathers and sons had a ball, watching the Badgers take on the Ducks, right here in Milwaukee.

"As we both get older, we get pulled in different directions, have different things going on in our lives, and it's a good thing to do," said Andy Arnold, Badgers fan.

Older sons and little ones, out with dad on a night they won't soon forget.

"Do you want the Badgers to win? uhuh, oh, it's getting to be nap time, so," said David Wallach, Badgers fan.

"So why tonight, why this? Well you know it's the tournament, like there's no bigger show on the earth right now than the NCAA, thought we'd come check it out," said Antione Young, Badgers fan.

Wade and Ben Krogwold got decked out in their finest Badgers' gear.

"So Ben, who decided to do your hair like that? My dad. So your dad's a little bit of a Badgers fan huh?Yes. How bout you? I'm a big Badger fan too," said Ben Krogwold, Badgers fan.

As they walked around, they thought about what to do after the game, win or lose.

"Probably resting the voice to celebrate after the game. You're a little hoarse, I hear it. Already, already, yea. A lot of activity going on, fast paced game," said Krogwold.

So it's on to the Sweet 16. Watching all these happy faces walk by, can certainly put a smile on anyone's face, well maybe except for Ducks fans.