Bad weather causing Amtrak delays to and from Chicago

CREATED Jan 7, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 7, 2014

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MENDOTA, IL -- The nasty winter weather has left two Amtrak trains stranded overnight in northern Illinois.

One of the trains left the city of Quincy, headed toward Chicago. CNN reports it got stuck in a snowdrift along the way.

Passengers say they have been on the train all night, but employees have been giving out free food and water. The train cars are heated.

Amtrak has not yet said anything about this situation.

Amtrak has confirmed cancellations that affect Milwaukee, though. Milwaukee Tuesday departures at 8 o’clock AM, 1 o’clock PM and 5:45 PM are cancelled.

The Tuesday 10:20 AM and 3:15 PM arrivals from Chicago are also cancelled.