Back-to-school shopping in full swing

CREATED Aug 12, 2014

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Back-to-school shopping can be a stressful time for parents. Luckily your kids can tell you not only what they want, but what’s cool! 

April Ellery's daughter starts third grade the day after Labor Day.

"I’ve been asked to buy 24 expo dry erase markers - odorless thin tip black," reads Ellery.

She's stocking up on supplies for both her daughter - and her students. She teaches freshman and senior English!

Meet Michaela Miller and Madison Sveun. They’re both going into sixth grade. They showed us the hottest trends.

"I think the trapper keepers will be really popular because they're way easier to use instead of carrying six binders," explains Miller.

The girls also need decorations for their lockers.

"So you feel at home with your locker, because you're going to be spending time with it," explains Madison Sveun.

We checked in with April. She found another unique supply on the list.

"The most unusual thing that I’ve never purchased before is printer paper - copier paper,” says Ellery. “The teachers are asking for reams of paper this year. I have the perspective that I’m a teacher, so I understand that these are things we use in our classroom that people don't always think about."

Target officials say back to school shopping will slow down after Labor Day, just in time for the next big rush - Halloween.