Back-to-school drive helps Milwaukee children in need

CREATED Aug 8, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Back-to-school time can be stressful for kids, but imagine not even being able to afford basic school items. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison held a school supply drive this week at the Wisconsin State Fair to help kids out, and nearly 150 55-gallon trash bags were filled with treasures for kids going back to school.

“School supplies for a child is just like bread and water to a parent in a household," said volunteer Bama Grice.

Oliver Wendell Holmes School Principal, Patrick Chatman, said many parents aren't able to afford basic back to school items like backpacks or even crayons.

“When children don’t have supplies or when they need to come to school, a lot of them say home because they don’t have the supplies,” he said.

As Grice sorted through donations, she shared that she, too, was once a struggling parent.

“When my son got these school supplies he was able to say, ‘You know what mom, thank you. Thank you community,’” Grice said.

She’s giving back her time, and proudly showed off the items collected in 142 black bags.

"Even though we always hear about shootings and killings, our babies are caring and educated every day to help them be better-educated, college-bound students," Gice said.