Babysitter accused of sexually assaulting 11-year-old boy

CREATED Feb 21, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 21, 2014

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RACINE - Samuel Hawkins didn’t say anything as he appeared in court through video conference. He was arrested for child sex crimes. The criminal complaint says he sexually assaulted an 11-year-old boy he was babysitting.

“That does make me nervous,” says neighbor Lorraine Wolf. “They harmed a little boy. That’s really sad.”

Wolf was home when Hawkins was arrested. She says there was a big police presence. He’s now charged with sexual assault of a child and 10 counts possession of child pornography.

“We saw them bring out bags of stuff. We saw them bring out paper bags. And then they had boxes they carried out.”

Hawkins told police he sent pornographic pictures to the boy’s iPod. He also took pictures of him while he was sleeping in only his underwear. The report says he brought the boy to his bedroom in the basement, with the intent to “educate” him about sexual activity. Lorraine remembers seeing Hawkins over the years. But she never spoke to him. Still, the news of his arrest has got her worried.

“This is a pretty nice neighborhood. We’ve lived here 50-some years now,” adds Wolf.

Hawkins’s cash bond is set at $75,000.