Baby in stolen car, left unharmed

CREATED Mar 8, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A mother was in a panic after her car was stolen, with her baby inside, from a north side gas station. It happened Friday night. Police say a witness followed the suspect 14 blocks from that gas station where the suspect abandoned the car, and the baby was found unharmed inside.

Ebony Steffes witnessed the terrible ordeal unfold. She was on her way home Friday night when something caught her attention.

"And when we stopped, um, there was a woman screaming like, uh, somebody took my car and my baby and she was just like very frantic," said Steffes.

Police say that woman's car was stolen when she ran into the gas station for a beverage, leaving the motor running. Her 14 month old infant was strapped in a car seat as the suspect drove off.

"It was like blood curling and just chilling. It just made me feel sick to my stomach because, to hear that your own kid is gone in a car with somebody you don't know," said Steffes.

The gas station attendant who was there says he saw where the mother left her car. It wasn't around the corner from the gas station where most drivers will stop. It was right by the front door.

A witness followed the car thief to a Pick N Save parking lot 14 blocks away, where the suspect jumped out, leaving the baby in the car unharmed. A day later, parents stopping for gas have concerns.

"Scares me. I just did it right now, left my two kids in the car and I went to pay for my gas," said Jeff Turner, father of two.

"It's scary that uh, a person could actually have the gall to do that," said Michael Obinku, father of a nine year old girl.

Obinku says he doesn't take chances. His daughter always comes in with him. Today was no different. Obinku brought his daughter, and all three of her friends into the gas station with him.