Baby burned by flash grenade in Georgia returns home to Wisconsin

CREATED Jul 9, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 10, 2014

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JANESVILLE - A baby burned by a flash grenade when police raided a home in Georgia is back in Janesville.

The family wants justice for Bou Bou. They shared pictures with us of the most terrifying time when they almost lost him.
If you watch Bou Bou Phonesavanh run around, you'd never know that two months ago, he looked completely different.
"I don't know too many people who've gotten hit in the face and chest with a grenade and survived," said his mother, Alecia Phonesavanh.
The family's Janesville home burned down in March, so they moved in with a relative near Atlanta. The whole family slept in one room. The day before they were supposed to head back to Wisconsin, police raided the home.
"We heard a loud noise which was them busting through the door," said Phonesavanh.
Then came a flash grenade, right into the 20-month-old's bed.
"And I kept begging the officer, you know, give me my son, just let me hold him, he's scared, he needs me. The officer told me to shut up and sit down," said Phonesavanh.
Police were looking for drugs, but found nothing. Everyone is still trying to recover, not just Bou Bou.
"She's been waking up screaming, don't touch him, get away from him, you're killing my brother!" said Phonesavanh.
But at long last, he's out of the hospital.
"He's here with us today which is a very big blessing too," said Phonesavanh.
And the family is back home in Janesville.
"I'm just so happy that they're home. Words can't even express that," said Bou Bou's grandma, Marlene Haygood.
The case is still being looked at by the Georgia bureau of investigation and the FBI. Mostly, the family wants the officers who threw the grenade to be held accountable.
The Phonesavanh family had support while living in Georgia.  Now that they're home, community activists are coming together to do what they can here in Wisconsin.  There will be a fundraiser in Janesville on August 23rd at 3pm at the VFW Hall. 
The family has already acquired more than half a million dollars in medical bills, and has no health insurance.  Anyone wanting to donate money to help the family can do so through this website.