Autopsies to be performed on bodies found in suitcases in Town of Geneva

CREATED Jun 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 6, 2014

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TOWN OF GENEVA - It's a creepy thought to consider who dumped two suitcases in long grass along the side of north Como Road, east of County Road H in the Town of Geneva. A human body was stuffed in each suitcase.

At 3pm Thursday, a Town of Geneva police officer responded to a citizen call and checked out the suitcases. When he opened them up, he discovered the human remains.
"It was tough on him, "said Police Chief Steve Hurley. He had to take a step back and process it."
It's a town of hardly any violent crime in Geneva. Definitely no reports of missing people.
"I've been involved in a lot of death investigations and scenes through my career. This would be the first I've seen bodies inside suitcases."
Chief Hurley saw the crime scene but wouldn't say whether the bodies were that of adults or children. He said autopsies would have to confirm race, sex, and identity. He wasn't sure how long the bodies were left along the side of the road. He was sure that the murders were not committed in that grassy patch along the road..
"I just want the community to rest assured the crime did not take place at the location where the bodies were found."
"It's a horrible, horrible crime, said Hurley. "But we're going to work real hard. We have a lot of confidence in the investigators that they're going to be able to put some of the pieces together."