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At home with Ron Roenicke

CREATED May 6, 2014

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Scroll through our media gallery to see a web extra video courtesy of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California.  It was his tribute video when he was inducted into the school's Hall of Fame in February.

MILWAUKEE - Ron Roenicke is in his fourth season as manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.  We show you a side to Roenicke he's never shared before. 

He and his wife Karen invited us into his house in Milwaukee's Third Ward. The space is decorated with a lot of natural wood.  Ron points out the beams in the ceiling that are Russian pine.  
You'll notice the lack of baseball decor. That's deliberate so Ron can truly get away. In fact, only one bookshelf in the guest room reflects his job.
Karen points out baseballs from Ron's first win, 50th win and 100th win. There is also a picture of the racing sausages because Karen once ran as the hot dog.
"I did this my second year that was my highlight.  It was so much fun. Ron was worried I was going to wipe out, but I didn't," laughs Karen.
They enjoy their bird feeder and telescope.
"Not so much (watching stars), but the boats, ferry and the tankers that come in." Ron explains.
There's a deck that overlooks one of Karen's favorite spots, Summerfest. She goes every night. Ron jokes.
"If I want to see her, I come after games and meet her."
Ron and Karen grew up just 15 minutes from each other in California. During college, Ron's sister told him there was a girl he should meet.
"I had to (scope her out), because I didn't know if my sister had good taste or not. That's what i had to find out," Ron laughs.
For Karen - it was love at first sight.  "I think I was smitten right away."
They dated for 8 years before getting married.  "It took me a while.  It took me a few years," says Ron.
"You? Maybe it took me a few years," counters Karen with a chuckle.
"Yes, maybe it did," agrees Ron with a smile.
They have a son. As a husband and father Karen says Ron is "very loving and caring. He has a fantastic relationship with our son."
Lance, 25, played baseball, but is now first base coach for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, the Milwaukee Brewers' Class A affiliate.
When he's not at the ballpark, Ron likes to read.  "I prefer that to TV.  When we lose I won't like to watch ESPN or MLB Network."
He also likes woodworking and he did stained glass windows for a while, "until my fingers were so cut up I had to stop doing most of that."
The Roenicke's really enjoy Milwaukee. 
"The people are great, the stadium is indoors, everybody else is getting rained out and we're playing and it's warm in there. It's a great place to be."
Ron, 57, wants to manage perhaps five to eight more years.
"God put me in this position.  As long as I think and feel that He wants me here, that I'm doing a good job not just with the players but hopefully helping some people in the community, then I want to do it and I'll really work hard doing this job."
"As far as retiring down the road, I just see him with a big ole straw hat on a fishing boat on the ocean," said Karen.
Karen is already retired. She was a high school physical education teacher. Ron's father has passed on, but his 84-year-old mother is still going strong and comes to at least one homestand every year.