Man hunt ends for man accused of hitting mother with a car

CREATED Oct 13, 2013

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MUSKEGO -- A 29 year old man accused of striking his mother with a vehicle has been arrested.

Police told TODAY’S TMJ4 the family called them, and that’s how they caught him. Police said he was arrested at an acquaintance’s house.
“I’m kind of shocked because this is the suburbs,” explained neighbor Robert Fruncek. “It’s a quiet neighborhood and stuff like that really doesn’t go on around here.”
The man’s cousin didn’t want her name to be public, but she told TODAY’S TMJ4 that he’d been drinking, and his mother didn’t want him to get behind the wheel. Police haven't released the details, but his cousin said he got in the driver’s seat. The door was open. He hit the gas pedal. And that’s when the open door knocked the mom down. Police said she has serious head injuries.
Neighbors said it’s not the first time police have been called to the home.
“I’ve been living at this house for about eight years and I’ve seen police there about twice,” recalled Fruncek.
He feels bad for the mom who was trying to protect others. Instead, she was the one who got hurt.
Police told TODAY’S TMJ4 that the mom was checked out, but she’s back at home.