Armed men cause a scare at Lakefront coffee shop

CREATED May 31, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A beautiful Saturday night just off the lakefront was interrupted by screams and people yelling, "gun!"

Right here in an unlikely place, as people were sipping coffee and enjoying the night, they saw something disturbing.

"And a gentleman was kind of um, coming through the parking lot, looking a little scared, disoriented, he had a gun in his hand, and he started jogging and put the gun in his pants and took off running," said Michael Johnson who witnessed it.

Witnesses then saw four guys burst from the woods along the Collectivo parking lot, jump in a car and chase after that man.

"Have you ever been so close to something like this before? Nah not something like that, not that close where somebody is running for their life. No. So, that's what it looked like to you? Absolutely, they were after him," said Johnson.

"We just seen somebody running, a couple people screaming, and all of a sudden cop cars show up and then I heard, ya know, gun," said Eli Shumatak, witness.

Inside the coffee shop, people were watching out the window at the commotion and calling 911.

"Like as soon as we called like within five minutes like they were on their way down here so," said Adam Tice, employee.

It's something they won't soon forget.

"It did look like they had guns and they were definitely in pursuit of them and he was afraid for sure, they were after him," said Johnson.