Area golf courses open for spring

CREATED Mar 28, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- It's definitely warming up outside, but it's not exactly perfect golfing weather.

Still, that didn't stop golfers from getting down to business as Lincoln Park Golf Course in Milwaukee opened Friday morning.

"After this winter, this is a good day," said Rod Smith, the first golfer at the course. "The golf course is open. No snow. Let's play!"

All morning, preparations were underway to open the course, after this especially long winter.

"I've been waiting since November," Smith said. "Can't wait. I got two more guys coming. We're gonna get it on. Hopefully we'll be playing from now until November."

Parks officials said the ground is hard and there will be mud from the rain, but they expect more than 20 golfers Friday.

"It's about time we get out and play," said Lincoln Park Golf Course Manager Near Carter. "We've been in the house the whole winter. We're ready to get out into the fresh air."