Area couple stranded in snowy Atlanta traffic jam

CREATED Jan 29, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 29, 2014

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ATLANTA - Dale and Carole Faught thought they were escaping old man winter by driving down to Florida and staying for the next two months.  Mother nature had something else in mind.

"Pictures cannot do this justice.  This is the most unbelievable traffic experience I've ever been in," said Dale Faught.
While Faught is used to driving in the 2 inches of snow that fell in Atlanta Tuesday, Georgians are not.
"They just plain don't know how to handle it."
He tried to get off Interstate 285 to get a hotel, but all the rooms were booked.
"When we stopped to look for a motel and couldn't find one, we filled up with gas, so we had plenty of gas."
There they sat, hour after hour.  Other drivers started leaving their cars on the freeway, and walked home.
"There are abandoned cars and an abandoned tractor trailer just sitting on the freeway," Faught said.