Are classics being weeded out of Racine School libraries?

CREATED Jul 22, 2014

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RACINE -- Racine School librarians are upset that classics are being weeded out of their libraries, never to return. 

It's part of a process that many school districts go through each year. Still, some are concerned that librarians aren’t being consulted beforehand.

"Our process in Racine has been to provide that list that we generate to the librarian and ask the librarian to review the list and then mark books that can't be replaced so they want to keep those, or they know those books have been used,” explains Stacy Tapp, of the Racine Unified School District.

A library media specialist at Gifford Elementary School tells TODAY’S TMJ4 books haven't been removed yet from her library. Still, she's concerned the workers who are removing the books are simply making a judgment call on the spot. Tapp explains that's simply not the case.

"I think there's some misinformation out there,” explains Tapp. “We're hoping to meet with folks going forward to see what the biggest concerns are."

The books that are weeded out are those that haven't been checked out in many years or books that are tattered, missing pages, and in poor condition.

“Each year we get common school funding. That goes directly to the libraries. The librarians can choose to replace books," says Tapp.

The books that are removed will be donated locally or donated overseas.