Application anxiety: high school seniors having trouble with online forms

CREATED Nov 4, 2013

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SHOREWOOD -- Think of this as a teenager's version of

Hundreds of thousands of American high school students cannot rely only a college application website
More than 500 colleges and universities invite prospective students to fill out the CommonApp. In theory, the website enables applicants to complete just one application instead of separate forms for separate schools.
The managing organization rolled out a new version of the website this year, but it's been receiving failing grades: the server's slow, accounts log out unexpectedly, essays disappear, and some students even get charged twice.
"It's a time waster. You want to hit the submit button," laments Shorewood HS senior Lauren Kohlerberg. "You want to feel that sigh of relief, that weight off of your shoulders when you hit submit."
Shorewood guidance counselors tell TODAY'S TMJ4 several colleges have pushed back some of their deadlines because of the glitches. 
CommonApp has also sent out several updates to college counselors about the websites progress.

In a letter to NBC News, Scott Anderson, the Common Application's director of policy, writes: "As with any new technological launch, some difficulties arose after launch and as more users interacted with the system. We have been responding immediately to these issues as they occur, and we are proactively testing and improving the system to reduce the risk and impact of any future issues."