Anonymous posts video threatening Green Bay PD

CREATED Apr 29, 2014

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In a bizarre YouTube video that has gone viral, five men wearing masks and calling themselves "anonymous" are making major threats to the Green Bay Police Department.

"Green Bay Police Department, be prepared for the worst," the video said.

The video is in response to another video which shows a Green Bay officer taking a person to the ground earlier this month. Now the officer is being investigated for "use of force."

With a vague, but serious threat, the group anonymous, which is usually linked to internet hackers, said they're coming for the police department, union and more.

"We have our operations in motion and will see that every party involved - including the other officers who did nothing to stop this - will be dealt with, as well as their families," the video said.

An assistant professor at Saint Norbert College explains the anonymous group and said they're threatening some physical violence and that's not characteristic of anonymous.

"When they use the word attack, when they use the word weapons, they're really referring to are cyber weapons and cyber attacks," said Mark Glantz.

A Green Bay police captain said they're looking into the video, but they're not sure if it's a legitimate threat.

The group also posted a video threatening to wipe Governor Scott Walker and his cronies from the cyber web after protesters were arrested by Capitol police last summer.