Amtrak extends cancellations; hundreds of flights delayed

CREATED Jan 8, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Things are warming up a little, but delays are still hampering travel nationwide, and in Milwaukee.

Amtrak has canceled some of its passenger trains between Milwaukee and Chicago for a second day because of the bad weather. The Wednesday departures from Milwaukee that have been canceled include the 8:05 AM, the 1:00 PM and the 5:45 PM.

Trains inbound from Chicago have also been cancelled including the 6:10 AM, the 10:20 AM and the 3:15 PM.

Amtrak is carefully watching its rail lines after a train became stuck in the snow Monday night, trapping passengers on board. It happened about 80 miles west of Chicago, near Quincy, IL.

Passengers did have heat, food, and water, but it was a long night.

"It wasn't uncomfortable,” said passenger Percy Robison.

“You just got to have patience. It's Mother Nature, what can we do about it?"

Thousands of airline passengers are still dealing with delayed and cancelled flights because of weather problems on the East Coast.

More than 500 flights are cancelled on Wednesday because of the cold. In some places, the temperatures were so cold jet fuel froze.

Airlines expect to be back on schedule by Thursday