Ambulance drivers having tough time battling snow - and careless drivers

CREATED Jan 2, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 2, 2014

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BAYSIDE -- As if covered roads and slick corners aren't enough.

Firefighters and paramedics tell TODAY'S TMJ4 that careless drivers add to the perils of winter weather.
"People haven't forgotten what they learned in Driver's Ed," quips Lt. Dan Tyk with North Shore Fire Department. "I think it's simply they have places they want to be and they think what they're doing is more important. They're putting us at risk, themselves and other drivers."
First responders nationwide apply a six-minute standard to answer all emergencies. Any delays could mean the difference between life and death.
Tyk says the two biggest problems they face from drivers is not pulling over the right and speeding.
Careless driving also becomes costly to taxpayers; Tyk says last month someone ran a red light in the snow and slammed into North Shore's new million-dollar firetruck.