All Clear issued after hazmat scare in Sheboygan

CREATED May 25, 2014

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SHEBOYGAN -- An ammonia leak has been cleaned up in Sheboygan, and crews on the scene have lifted an order for residents nearby to keep windows closed.

Firefighters responded Saturday night to a building on Michigan Avenue after a passerby noticed an ammonia smell. Investigators found a leak in a compressor in the basement of the building. 

While the leak was been isolated, an order for people living nearby to keep windows closed was issued. 

A truck from Indiana was brought in to help clean up the scene. Around 600 pinds of ammonia were pumped into the truck. 

The area around the building is still being monitored for ammonia, but the all-clear was issued around 11:30 Sunday morning. 

No injuries have reported at this point as a result of the leak.