Alderman takes to the streets to reclaim neighborhoods

CREATED Jun 20, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 20, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- One alderman in Milwaukee is starting a new push to help reclaim the streets in his district.

86-year-old Bernice Butts moved to her home in the 5th District in 1963.

“It was 100% different [back then],” says Butts.

“[Now, residents are] fearful to come out on your porch, or open your doors.”

Alderman Russell Stamper says the violence plaguing Milwaukee has many people scared.

“Milwaukee’s crime is out of control,” says Stamper.

“It’s obvious [neighborhoods] need some support and help.”

Stamper is trying something new to help combat the surge in violence. He’s started an initiative where volunteers will walk the streets, talking to members of the community and letting them know what resources are available to help Milwaukee police combat crime.

Alderman Stamper knows it’s only one step, but it’s a step residents like Ms. Butts welcome.

“I ain’t able to walk it,” she says.

“But I want to know somebody is doing it.”