School closures leave kids looking for fun

CREATED Jan 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 6, 2014

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PEWAUKEE -- "This is my first time here,” said BJ Wallace of Pewaukee.

Wallace, his siblings and friends are making an adventure out of this cold day off of school and spending time at Adventure Rock.

“I’m excited because we just got back from winter break.  It’s hard to re-adjust to school schedule,” Wallace said.

Mom Laura was looking for a warm activity to keep the kids busy.

“My friend called and asked to join them rock climbing.  I said sure, get them out of the house and burn off some energy,” Laura Wallace said.

Wallace adds, she bundled up the kids, and it wasn’t a long trip to and from the car.  Many others have had the same idea as the Wallace family.

“It has been good for business.  Right away this morning we knew it was going to be busy because the phone was ringing off the hook asking if we were open,” said Adventure Rock Manager Craig Burzynski.

Superintendents across the area have already canceled classes for tomorrow, arguing it’s still too dangerous for kids to be outdoors.

“These days don’t happen often, as we know.  The last time it was in the late 90’s.  It’s when they do, they usually are part of a weather pattern that lasts multiple days,” said Menomonee Falls Superintendent, Pat Greco.

That’s something that doesn't bother BJ.