Aaron Rodgers' parents volunteer for children's charity

CREATED Jul 19, 2013

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SHEBOYGAN - Aaron Rodgers's parents will make an appearance at a children's charity next weekend, and it's all because of an old friendship.

Chuck Miesfield and Tom Benning own a Packers tailgating bus, the GB Brat. A few years ago, some very special guests made an appearance on that bus.

“Doors have opened since we got the bus, in terms of meeting other people.” Benning told the Sheboygan Press. “And two years ago, Ed and Darla Rodgers came onto the bus while we were tailgating.”

The Rodgers are the parents of Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback.

The couple from Chico, Calif. ended up being friends with Miesfield and Benning, and will be in Sheboygan all weekend to volunteer for an event for the Miesfield's Lakeshore Weekend for Kids, a charity supporting Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

You can find more about the event here.

Mansfield and Benning traveled to Super Bowl XLV in their bus. See the original story here.