A tornado survivor shares her story

CREATED Jun 20, 2014

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MADISON -- One woman from Platteville is sharing her incredible story of suvival.

Carrie Gates is lucky to be alive after a tornado ripped through her apartment.

“It was just so quick,” says Gates.

“One minute I was lighting candles, the next I was screaming, ‘I don’t want to die!’”

Gates suffered several spinal fractures, a punctured lung and broken ribs after her second-floor apartment was completely sheared off by a tornado on Monday night.

A neighbor found her in the debris.

“I remember him picking me up and taking me, trying to find a place to take me, trying to find a house that wasn't damaged,” says Gates.

Gates’ husband, Josh, was storm-chasing at the time.

“It’s a miracle she’s here,” he says.

“It's a miracle she's doing as well as she is, considering what she's been through.”

Governor Walker has declared a state of emergency in three counties: Grant, Green and Dane. Six tornadoes caused millions of dollars in damage.