A look inside Stingley police report, 911 calls

CREATED Jan 17, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 17, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - We're hearing the 911 calls from the convenience store where 16-year-old Corey Stingley was restrained.

There's a sense of urgency in the voice of the man who called 911.  With a young shoplifter on the ground, he asks police to get there fast.
As Corey Stingley struggled with three customers inside VJ's Food Mart, someone picked up the phone and dialed 911.
911 dispatcher/West Allis police: "We have a caller reporting subjects holding a shoplifter at 92nd and Schlinger. Ok, what store is it from?"
Unidentified caller:  "VJ's Poultry, 92nd and Schlinger, West Allis."
911 dispatcher/West Allis police: "Ok and you guys have a shoplifter?"
Unidentified caller: "We got the perp. Three of us got the perp on the ground right now holding him for you."
911 dispatcher/West Allis police:  "Ok, Ill send them over."
Unidentified caller: "Right now, please."
911 dispatcher/West Allis police:  "I'm sending them over."
Unidentified caller: "Ok."
For more than ten minutes, Mario Lauman, Robert Beringer and Jesse Cole held the teenager down. In the police report, Lauman said it all happened so fast. He told police in retrospect, he should have "let the kid go."
He just wanted to give him to the cops and go home, and he didn't think there was any risk at all.
The clerk told me that this wasn't Stingley's first trip to the store that day. He said he believed Stingley stole something earlier.  In addition, the police report claims that while Stingley was in the store, he told two girls that he'd been suspended from school that day.