A father's agony

CREATED Jan 15, 2014

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A father's agony and pain over the death of his son. Craig Stingley is heartbroken and he's furious the men responsible won't face criminal charges.

Stingley is angry the Milwaukee County District Attorney won't file charges.

He admits his son should not have been shoplifting but says he did not deserve to die.

"My truth today is that my son was brutally murdered," said Stingley.

He believes the security cameras show the customers over reacted when his son was caught stealing alcohol.

"These men plotted to do something and the result is a young person's life gone."

The video shows a struggle between three customers and Corey but the cameras don't show everything that happened after the 16-year old was wrestled to the ground.

Prosecutors concluded the men did not intend to cause harm while restraining Stingley.

"The decision that came from D-A Chisholm is unreasonable," said the father, "it makes no logical sense."

The father also believes there was no reason to restrain his son. He claims when Corey handed over his backpack to the store clerk with the stolen alcohol, that was Corey's way of trying to correct his mistake.

"These are the thoughts of a father who lost a 16-year old. I saw great potential in him. I put a lot of time into him and yes I taught him not to steal."

But seconds after handing over his backpack, Corey grabbed his credit card on the cash register and tried to run.

That's when the customers reacted. The father also showed us and investigators photos of red marks on Corey's neck that he believes shows his son was choked.

"As a father I took the initiative to find out what happened to my son and when I took the initiative the D-A became antagonistic towards me," said Stingley.

The father is now hoping when federal investigators look into everything they will come up with a different conclusion.

On Tuesday, Milwaukee County's D-A John Chisholm told TODAY'S TMJ4 why he decided not to file charges after a 13-month long investigation.

"Was there any intent behind any of the customers at the store when they intervened in what was an alleged retail theft and everyone agrees that there was no intent to deliberately harm Mr. Stingley," said Chisholm.

Stinlgley supporters plans to demonstrate Friday outside the District Attorney's office.