How To Submit Flood Damage in Milwaukee, Racine

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee and Racine Counties have established a phone number for those in the county who were affected by the storms.

The Milwaukee Sheriff's Office Emergency Management Bureau has turned 211 into a number for people to report weather-related damage.

Starting at 8:00 a.m. Friday morning, people can report flood damage.

Officials say that it is not an emergency number, but one where people can report their damage.

A high call volume is anticipated, so officials ask people to be patient.

Please have this information available:
Contact name and phone number
Address of damaged property
Name of property owner or renter
Type of damage: flooding or sewer backup or severe storm
Brief description of damage and estimated dollar amount
Percentage of damage covered by insurance  

County officials hope to complete a damage assessment, and they will announce if federal or state disaster aid will come for people who live here.

Racine's Way To Get Help for Flood-Related Damage

The Racine County Emergency Management has established a voicemail and e-mail hotline.

Like Milwaukee, officials in Racine are asking people to only call to report damage, not for immediate response.

People can call 262-636-3308 or e-mail to give information including:
Address/phone number
Brief description of damage
Estimated dollar amount

Officals there also hope to take the information for federal or state aid.