Alleged Leader of Outlaws Motorcycle Gang Arrested

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WALKER'S POINT---Federal agents raided the clubhouse for the American Outlaw Association, also known as the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, on 2nd and Maple early Tuesday morning.

A federal indictment filed in a Virginia court alleges members of the Outlaw gang tried to kill members of rival gangs, and claims the nationwide leader of the gang lives in the clubhouse in Walker's Point.

“It started with just a few people in vehicles and just escalated," neighbor Larry Birkett said.
Birkett's condo is next door to the clubhouse.  He took pictures of the raid as it happened.  He was surprised to learn authorities said the man who lived there, 53 year old Jack Rosga, also known as "Milwaukee Jack," is the leader of the Outlaws.
“I had no idea the president was there,” Birkett said.  “It’s shocking because we don’t see any of that. What goes on inside the clubhouse is not really known to us, but as far as neighbors it’s not really evident at all.”
But investigators said criminal activity was evident to them, not just here in Wisconsin, but in several other states as well, where additional raids were conducted.  The indictment accuses Rosga of ordering Outlaws to kill members of rival motorcycle gang the Hell's Angels.  The indictment said that order was in retaliation after Hell's Angels attacked two Outlaws.  The Outlaws are also accused of beating a man for being black, illegal gambling, and drug dealing, and it claims many of the orders came from the clubhouse in Walker's Point.
“If you think some guy working as a moving guy can run the Outlaws organization thousands of miles away and be responsible for every criminal act they have I would beg to differ with you," Rosga's attorney Jeff Burke said Tuesday after Rosga's initial court appearance in federal court.
Burke said Rosga is a truck driver who has worked at the same company for 38 years, raised two sons in Milwaukee, has four grandchildren in the area, and buried his wife several years ago.
“He’s a very blue collar guy. He doesn’t give off any feelings of hostility, anger, violence," Burke said.
The judge disagreed and denied bail for Rosga.  He is currently in federal custody in Southeastern Wisconsin but will be transported to a jail in Virginia because that is where the indictment was filed.  
Today's TMJ4 did try to get comments from members of the American Outlaw Association, but we were told it is their policy not to talk to the media.