DOT Increases Semi Truck Inspections

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  • The scene of a crash involving a van and a semi. | Photo: TODAY'S TMJ4 HD

MILWAUKEE - A statewide program this week is focusing on keeping you safe on the road.

Inspectors are making sure trucks are following proper safety procedures.

Starting tomorrow, the Wisconsin State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies nationwide are stepping up their efforts to make sure all semi's are in compliance with driver and equipment regulations.

Wisconsin state inspectors Michael Orban and Travis Zaremba routinely do safety checks on semis.

This week, their efforts will be intensified with the annual road check program.

The goal is to prevent large truck crashes. They look for unsafe drivers or equipment on the roads.

"The process is important because you want to get the trucks in here and make sure they are no malfunctions or anything wrong with the trucks, so we get them off the road," said Travis Zaremba.

They also look to see if drivers may be fatigued.

The goal is to prevent semi crashes.

Everything from the truck's weight, the log books to the brakes can be part of the inspections.

Semi crashes are not only dangerous, but they can cause major traffic problems.

In 2009, large truck crashes declined nearly 21% compared to 2008, and deaths because of such crashes declined 12%.

Inspectors hope the decreases in crashes continue.

"Drivers have got to be safe out there and make sure they check all their equipment and be safe on the roads," said Zaremba.

The program begins Tuesday and ends on Thursday.