New Berlin Mayor Could Face Recall

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NEW BERLIN - Mayor Jack Chiovatero apologized to the people of New Berlin for calling some citizens bigoted and prejudice, but that won’t end the controversy over a proposed housing development.

Laura Karvala has the paperwork in hand for a possible recall of Chiovatero. Tonight, the group Concerned Citizens of New Berlin will likely ask for his resignation.
“We’re going to ask for a vote of no confidence by all the members of the CCNB,” Karvala said.
The group is outraged over a housing development planned for the city center. It will include senior housing as well as apartments for people making less than 35 thousand dollars a year.
Karvala hopes to kill the project. She says it is not consistent with the upscale plan for New Berlin’s city center.
Adding to the controversy is an e-mail written by Chiovatero calling some New Berlin residents bigoted and prejudiced.
“I apologize to the entire city,” said the mayor.
Chiovatero is apologizing, but that may not be enough.
The CCNB is threatening to recall him if he doesn’t pull his support for the project.
Developer MSP Real Estate showed us these renderings of the project. They also sent pictures of a similar development in Waukesha.
“What i’m building is top quality, good quality, condo looking quality,” argued developer Milo Pinkerton.
Public pressure and the threat of recalls may have already done the builder in.
“If we can work through with the developer to try to make this project go away, we’re going to try to do that,” Chiovatero said.
There is still much discussion ahead. Wednesday night, the CCNB meets at the library. Friday, the developer is holding an informational session. And next Monday the plan commission will take up the issue again.