Pregnant Woman Hit By Stray Bullet At Delafield Restaurant

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DELAFIELD - A pregnant woman hit by a stray bullet.  She was on a restaurant deck in Delafield, when it happened.

Delafield Police have traced the stray bullet to the Hartland Sportsmen Club and the woman who was hit remembers the exact time when it happened.

"I'm happy it ended OK," said Raluca Buznea. "It could have been much worse."
That is an understatement. Buznea is 17 weeks pregnant. She showed us the bruise she got when the bullet hit just above her left hip.

The guy in the ambulance had asked if I had been shot before now and I said, "I'm not shot on a regular basis."

Buznea was sitting on this deck with friends at the Delafield Brewhaus last Thursday when she was hit by a 45 caliber bullet. She remembers exactly when it happened because her watch stopped working.

"When the policemen asked, 'When did you get shot?' Well I said, '5:28.'"

How the stray bullet made it to the deck is strange. The shooting range is through some trees, over a hill and about 600 yards away.

An attorney for the club claims safety rules were broken and the shooter was not aiming at a sanctioned target.

"We are in Wisconsin," said Buznea. "There's a bunch of space over here. It doesn't need to be around people and around restaurants."

But she would like to hear from the gun club.
"Yeah an apology would be good," Buznea said.

The club has temporarily closed the range but nearby residents, who are upset with the club, are hoping to make that permanent.