Jeff Scrima Voted New Waukesha Mayor

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WAUKESHA - People in Waukesha were waking up with a newly elected mayor of their city.

Political newcomer Jeff Scrima soundly defeated Waukesha's incumbent mayor Larry Nelson.

Scrima, a 32-year-old real estate developer, said he would give up his business ventures if elected to lead the city.

Waukesha's water woes became a major divide in this race.

Incumbent Nelson favored Great Lakes water funneled through Milwaukee.

Election Results

Challenger Scrima called that expensive and wants to look at other options.

Scrima won with 58% of the vote to Nelson's 42%.

"The city of Waukesha faces a number of critical issues right now, and I was willing to address those issues head on and ask the tough questions," said Scrima.

"I think the citizens really appreciated having a candidate that just says it how it is."

Scrima tells us his political ambition is fairly new, saying he first became interested in running for office just last November.

The Journal Sentinel revealed that Scrima did not even vote in the 2006 Waukesha mayoral primary or general election.