Man Accused Of 30 Prank 911 Calls

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RACINE - Racine County Sheriff's deputies had to go door to door tracking down what could have been a real emergency. What they found was a man who allegedly prank called 911 more than 30 times.

For all dispatchers know, the calls could have been a real emergency. Someone might have dialed 911, but was unable to speak. Deputies say it was actually Brian Everton of Mount Pleasant. They say he didn't make just one call. He allegedly called more than 30 times over several hours.
In each call, he doesn't say a word, even as the dispatcher asks over and over again if he needs help. In one call, he says an address, but won't respond when dispatchers try to get more details out of him.
Because he called from a cell phone, dispatchers had to do some research to track him down, including using his phone's GPS and getting help from his phone company. Deputies literally had to go door to door in the area where they traced the call to find Everton. That time could have been spent responding to real emergencies.
"Not only is it a nuisance, but Mr. Everton now presents himself as a risk to others in the community," said Racine County Assistant District Attorney Patricia Hanson, during Everton's court appearance on Monday.
Everton denies making the calls. His lawyer says he has mental health issues. He has been accused of misusing 911 in the past.
If convicted of obstructing an officer, he could get a fine or a maximum of 9 months behind bars.