Brittany Robertson's Mother Denies She Was Killer

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MILWAUKEE - Brittany Robertson's mother is breaking her silence.

She just can't believe the criminal complaint that says her daughter killed Rachel Thompson and helped murder two of Thompson's kids.

"She (Brittany) called me hysterically. She told me that morning the house had been ambushed by several people," says Denise Robertson.

Denise believes her daughter Brittany was a victim, not a killer.

"I told her she needed to talk to the police. She said, 'Yes mom, I will.' She told me distinctly on the phone she was going to talk to the police."

Brittany Robertson was found shot to death on the northwest side.

According to police, the men who killed Brittany also helped kill Rachel Thompson and her children. They killed Brittany to silence her.

"I do not believe she had anything to do with these murders. I believe what she said, the place was ambushed," says Robertson.

Despite her own pain, Mrs. Robertson wanted to express her condolences to Rachel Thompson's family.

"We feel horrible for them. Brittney was my baby and I know how horrible that feels. It's killing me every day."

The criminal complaint says Brittney Robinson, stabbed Rachel Thompson to death and helped kill two of Thompson's children.

Police say it was a "love triangle" - that both Robertson and Thompson were involved with the same man. 

The two men who helped kill Thompson then killed Robertson, because she was attracting too much attention.