East Side: A Lot of Wind, Lots of Shoveling

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MILWAUKEE - As people wake up from up to 14" of snow in some parts of Southeastern Wisconsin, they see that they'll be cleaning up from that heavy storm.

What will they deal with?

"Wind, and a lot of it," warned Storm Team 4Caster Michael Fish on the west lawn of the TODAY'S TMJ4 HD studios.

"If you didn't clean it up last night, and that would have had to have been real late last night, you're going to be doing a lot of shoveling today."

Fish says that plow and salt crews have been doing a lot of clearing the streets in the overnight to help you get from here to there.

"The plows have been through, they've been salting, and traffic has been moving at a pretty good pace. Remember, those are the main roads, and they're kind of slushy right now. Those side streets, the crews are still waiting to get to that."

The good news is that the snow is light and fluffy, easy to shovel. The bad news is that the snow is light and fluffy, which will easily blow right back at you.

"Maybe you're shoveling out your driveway. Remember, there's a lot of it, and when you shovel it, when you throw it, throw it south because if you throw it north, (it will go) right back in your face."