Milwaukee Sheriff's Deputies Handled 58 Crashes During Snow

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MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department handled close to five dozen crashes on the Milwaukee County freeway system during the duration of the snowstorm.

A Sheriff's official says that 58 crashes happened on the system. 51 of them involved property damage, while seven crashes had people suffering injuries that were not serious.

Drivers are warned to be alert on the on and off ramps to area freeways, as highway crews continue to try and clear them of snow and ice.

Winds will continue to blow and drift snow on freeways, especially in the southern end of Milwaukee County.

If you're involved in a crash that only involves property damage, sheriff's officials say that you can report the crash within 24 hours at:
• The lobby of the Milwaukee County Jail  - 949 N. 9th Street
• Patrol Substation - 10190 Watertown Plank Road, Wauwatosa
• Airport Substation – 5300 S. Howell Avenue(East of Int’l Arrival building)
• The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department website - “Report a Crash”