84-year-old murdered, Police looking for suspects

CREATED Oct 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It's a mystery that District 7 police and homicides detectives are trying to solve. They want to know why a friendly, elderly man wound up dead inside his own home.

Neighbors liked the 84 year old man living in the 5700 block of West Hadley Street. They say he always had a smile and always would say hello, even if he didn't know you.

"He would always just be sitting out front you know, just sitting in front of his yard relaxing, waive to everybody coming past," said Mark Briggs.

"Just a very sweet man and I enjoyed the conversation that I had with him," said Melissa Bruns.

"It's very tragic. He never hurt anybody. He was just an old guy," said David Koenig.

What exactly happened remains unclear, but Milwaukee police confirm late Thursday morning that the case began to unfold when they responded to a one car crash on a residential street. Minutes earlier, neighbors heard something unusual.

"Bob's got a car alarm on his car and I heard that thing going off and I had no idea. I thought he was just having trouble with it," said David Koenig.

Police then went to the man's home to investigate and found him dead.

In the last few years, neighborhood streets have witnessed shootings and break ins, but this takes neighbors' concerns to a new level.

"My house was broken into a couple summers ago. My neighbors had about three things happen to them within a month and a half," said Briggs.

Police believe this is not a random attack. They're now working on making an arrest.