Brookfield: Heavy Snowfall Hurts Business

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BROOKFIELD - Brookfield got hit harder than almost any other place during the daytime hours of Tuesday.

It reached more than seven inches of snow on the ground by early afternoon, and it just kept falling.

It's been a rough day for brookfield businesses, even some you wouldn't expect.

"This is Death Valley," said Jeff Sullivan of Sullivan Jewelers. "There is no comparison, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day."

Even as the cleanup started, the snow kept on coming.

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It was a bad day for many businesses, but for jewelers in particular, today is the worst possible time to be hit by a storm.


"With a couple days before Valentine's Day, we should have a lot of people in here right now, but with the weather how it is right now, what are you going to do?"

You would think people would be rushing to a place like Panera Bread to get hot soup and a sandwich, but the parking lot was noticeably empty all day.

"This is so obstructing that no one is really making the effort to get out here," explained Morgan Ekern, who works at Panera.