People in Milwaukee Shovel Over and Over

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MILWAUKEE - In the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, people are trying to take advantage the timing of this storm to shovel over and over.

They figure it's easier to do it many times.

The wind whipped at the lakefront as snow poured down, but with the temperatures, only some of it stuck in Milwaukee.

People like Mary Shaw helped keep things clear by shoveling several times during the course of the day.

"I usually make my rounds to make sure everybody has their sidewalks clean, and that's the way I am," said Shaw. "I've been doing it for many years."

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Shaw, who is 74, owns property in Bay View, and she makes sure her neighborhood stays in good shape.

The City of Milwaukee had plows working very early in the morning, and starting and noon, they launched their plan to clear sidestreets.

On the east side, people had to dig out too.

"It is wet, and we've had enough of snow already," said Aniela Makohon, who lives in that part of Milwaukee.

I enjoy it, shoveling, and I like to keep my sidewalks clean because the mailman comes over here and I don't like him to get hurt or anything, and they're very happy and pleased I keep the sidewalks clean."