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  • A fire on Oakland and North, in a building which includes the restaurant Pizza Man. | Photo: TODAY'S TMJ4 HD

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Tuesday's Sound Off Question:  What are your memories of Pizza Man?

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Mark in River Falls says:
"I remember going to Pizza Man with my mom and my brother when I was a kid. I grew up on the east side and every Friday or so it seems, we would go to Pizza Man for their great pizza. I loved the place and I liked the waitress. I believe her name was Mary. "

From @wilcoxm2
"My wife and I had one of our first dates at Pizza Man--the first night we kissed! Broke my heart to see it on fire."

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Jason says:

"My wife and I had our first date there, along with many other romantic evenings. Pizza Man was full of eclectic atmosphere from the counter-weighted medieval style door to the wooden booths with the carved names of past diners. Fantastic wine, amazing pizza and they delivered too."


Jane says:
"Pizza Man was our favorite restaurant during the 12 years that our children were in Milwaukee. We celebrated graduations and all special occasions there — several Christmas Eve meals and late summer evenings outside in the back yard. I feel like I lost a good friend. So sad."

Mike from Milwaukee says:
"Very sad day, my family owns Vitucci's on the same block as the fire and Pizza Man. We have many of the same customers that frequent Pizza Man including myself over the past 40 years and since we don't serve food we would order pizza from Pizza Man for the enjoyment of our customers. It's a great loss to the area and the entire community. I hope they can re-build the they are an important element to the East Side of Milwaukee. "

Meredith says:
"Every year we take our three kids to the pumpkin patch and then to Pizza Man for dinner. They look forward to the fabulous pizza and the unique front door. We will miss it!"

Athalia from Milwaukee says:
"I moved to Milwaukee on Summer 2007 and people had been telling me to eat in Pizza Man. But I never listened until my boyfriend said he wanted to bring me there for our anniversary. I didn't want to eat there because I thought the restaurant is not "romantic" enough to celebrate an anniversary. However I finally decided to agree to go there and it turned out that Pizza Man is a really nice restaurant. We had a very memorable anniversary dinner, good food and wine. I was very impressed with the way the door opens, the ambiance, everything. I've just started thinking to eat there again for Valentine's Day and sadly it's gone now..."

Carrie Lee from Pewaukee says:
"The Pizza Man holds great memories for my husband and I. It was the restaurant where we sat on a pleasant June evening, sipping wine, and getting to know each other on our first date just over 8 years ago."

Tammy from West Allis says:
"The first time I came to Milwaukee, to visit my brother and sister in law, we came to Pizza Man. She used to work there and bragged about the fantastic wine list. It had so much charm and character!! I fell in love in Milwaukee that day. Over the past four years that I’ve lived here, my fiancé and I frequented the place with many memories. One time, we went twice in one week. Couldn’t get enough of it! I hope they are able to rebuild! "

Gail says:
"I was so sad to see Pizza Man in flames this morning. My husband and I frequented that special restaurant often when we lived in Milwaukee. No other pizza could compare to theirs. Plus, the ambiance and fine wine that went with the pizza was a perfect blend. It was such a charming place, and you always knew you were going to have the best dining experience when you walked in the door. What a terrible loss for Milwaukee, a true landmark that will be missed. "

Anthony from New Mexico says:
"My memory of Pizza Man is working for them during the seventies. Making deliveries through out East and North side of town. Their pizza was one of a kind and there free soda was a trademark. The building will be missed just as the one burnt down on Farwell Avenue. I was looking forward to stopping at Pizza Man on my visit back."

Tracy in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida says:
"I remember when they were just a take out and delivery place. My favorite was cheese, sausage, mushroom, CREAM CHEESE. I had my first date with my ex husband there and we carved our names in a booth. I moved to Florida and had people bring me pizza on the plane but the best story yet was when I was home in Milwaukee last year and when I got to Pizza Man they were closing. I paid $75.00 for a pizza with tip and they made it for me. My last Pizza Man pizza. Everyone knew I was hooked on Pizza Man and have been receving condolence emails, facebook notes, and phone calls all day long. Pizza Man RIP"

Patrick says:
"I moved to MKE, in 1973 for mortuary school and lived above the Weiss Funeral Home @ Farwell and Kane Pl. I once called Pizza Man to a delivery and they refused. I went into Pizza Man the next day and spoke to the manager at the time and assured him there were living bodies in the building. With that he posted a note next to the phone stating, if I called it was ok to take the order and deliver there. He told me that in earlier times, the funeral home was a pranksters paradise for businesses that delivered food. Have been a fan ever since."

Cindy from Kohlsville says:
"My husband & I began dining at Pizza Man while dating back in 1975 and recently learned that our daughter & her fiancé had began dining there as well. So we all shared our memories of 'first dates' there and decided to go there together soon. Despite that my husband & I live 40+ miles from Pizza Man, it definitely wasn't too far for such great food and wonderful atmosphere. Needless to say, we are sorry we didn't make it, but hope to see a new Pizza Man in Milwaukee's future."

Kristine says:
"As an owner of a popular Door County restaurant (JJ's La Puerta) that had a fire on Aug. 7 of this year, my heart goes out to all owners, staff, and customers. It is a horrible thing to go through for ALL of the above people. It's my favorite place to go when visiting my daughter on the east side, and always was an occasion to toast to our favorite pizza, and then to each other."

Lois says:
"Memories as a child, watching my brother and cousins remodel Pizza Man. Going to help sweep the floor and trying to move bricks around. Seeing a building gutted to a floor and studs for walls, to a flow of bricks and wood. My brother passed away last year and now something he was so proud of is also gone. Kopp's on 76th street remodeled, changing the art that they formed there. All that was left locally was Pizza Man. I cannot tell you the sadness I feel."

Jennifer from Portland, Oregon says:
"About twenty years ago I was doing a fast and hadn't eaten for four days. The first thing I ate after my fast was Pizza Man! When I lived in Milwaukee still in the early 90's my boyfriend and I had this running shtick....whenever we would try to think of somewhere to eat one of us would say "how about Pizza Man?" and then the other one would say "Hmmm I don't about Pizza Man?" and then the other one would say "that sounds good but I kinda feel like Pizza Man." And it would go on like that. They don't make em like that anymore. "

Richard from Tillamook, Oregon says:
"I lived in Milwaukee from '93 until '99, with my wife, who was born and raised on the east side. Our Friday night ritual for years was walking up Oakland Avenue to the Oriental, then pizza and red wine on the corner at Pizza Man. Our first anniversary dinner was there. We live on the Oregon coast now, and the two places I really miss from Milwaukee are Pizza Man and Oakland Gyros. R.I.P. What a shame."

Kathleen says:
"Pizza Man special -- no olives. Side of garlic bread and caesar salad. And a glass of Toad Hollow cab. Plus, did anyone else meet the old man selling pepperonis out of his cooler? "

Gigi from Milwaukee says:
"Pizza Man was my very first date place- Homecoming of 86'.....and my very first date with my husband in fall of twenty years of memories in between.... "

From @kris_cunningham
"Oh noes. :( This was one of my favorite places to eat in Milwaukee."

Nancy from West Allis says:
"I just took my daughter there last night for her 21st birthday, at her request. At first, I did not understand why she would want to celebrate such a big milestone at a"pizza store",but it was fabulous! I am just so sorry that its gone now, and can't be enjoyed again. A fabulous place with fabulous staff. It will be missed, for sure! "

Glenn from Milwaukee says:
"I remember my very first time going in 1991, I was introduced to the Half Rack Ribs and I have never ordered anything else but their Ribs. I nibbled off my friends pizza and it was delicious, but those Ribs kept me coming back! I was there twice last month. So sorry! Rebuild soon! "

Erica on the east side says:
"Best memories? So many! But the best one was that calm summer evening my fiance and I were walking down North Ave and he said "lets try this place". We had one of the most beautiful dates I could imagine at Pizza Man. Gorgeous night under the patio with lovely music, amazing food, loads of laughing, and the best service! We had smiles on our faces that whole night, and we moved right down the street later that year. Also, talking about Pizza Man for years to my family in Chicago. Finally bringing them to Pizza Man and watching their faces light up when they took that first bite of the Pizza Man Special. And all the chilly nights we didn't want to go out and ordered Pizza Man in with a good glass of wine and a nice movie. Pizza Man must come back! So many wonderful memories. So sad!!!!"

From @Lovingtempest
"I remember getting pizza with my sweetheart, going home, and playing video games til dawn.. munching on it all night long. Sad!"

From @Compassion8
"My 3 children all worked at Pizza Man at one time or another. Dave bartended there for years. Can't believe the place is gone"

James says:
"Sad day for Pizza Man and Milwaukee. I worked at Pizza Man while going to school at Marquette. I have so many great memories and gained many friends at Pizza Man. My wife and I planned on celebrating her birthday there on Saturday. We can only hope that they can rebuild and bring back Pizza Man soon."

Jim from Milwaukee says:
"Great pizza, but more than that - a great meeting spot back in the old UWM days. Lately I've told myself that I have to get back there and see what it's like after all these years. So sad to see it go."

From @TeeCycleTim
"Can't believe Pizza Man burned down. @TeecycleJess and I had one of our first dates there. RIP, Hawaiian Pleasures."

From @IAmTheCandyman
"I remember going to Pizza Man after my UWM choir concert, and waited in the cold for 45 minutes. Pizza Man is always worth it <3"

Jason in Tampa, FL says:
"Oh no...(my wife) and I used to go there when she lived on the East Side...thats a shame."

From @smcmac32
"Started going to Pizza Man with my brother in 1998 when he came to UWM for school. Still go now that I live here. Will miss it!"

From @acruppenthal
"I will miss the lovely pizza man patio and pizza with cream cheese yum!!!"

From @gaffneycj
"Going to miss the memory of the old LA Freeway. Grecian Delight was my pantry!"

From @angeliec123
"One of favorite places to bring friends and family from out of town. Awesome wine selection, garlic bread, & my first escargot!"

From @KarenWalkirch
"The door with the rope pull, long table waits, amazing pizza, best wine list in the city. Hope they come back soon."

From @itsallj
"Best memory of Pizza Man? Easy-the front door. Once you saw the pully you knew you were in for an experience. And it was always."

Jenny from Glendale says:
"This is a sad sad day. We loved Pizza Man. (My husband's) dad used to work there, doing computer stuff. :( (He) used to eat stacks of pepperonis in the kitchen."