Analysis: Worst 26-Point Win EVER

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Repeat after me: thank goodness they were playing the Lions.

13 penalties by green-and-gold clad heroes for 130 yards.

Four calls against Chad Clifton by himself.

Thank goodness they were playing the Lions.

Five drives reaching the red zone.

Only one breaks the goal line.

Thank goodness they were playing the Lions.

Aaron Rodgers threw for 358 yards and two touchdowns.

Despite those five sacks.

Thank goodness they were playing the Lions.

I remember reading a story about one time when Vince Lombardi's Packers won a preseason game 41-17, and he stood on top of some object and absolutely ripped his team a new one in the locker room.

In his grave, or in Heaven, a million "what the hell's going on out here" screams must have come after watching this one, the worst 26-point win EVER.

I know I love to reference Brazilian flagmakers losing fabric with all the yellow hankies falling on the temperate tundra of October on Sunday.

At this pace, Pele himself will come up to Green Bay and give the Lombardi-like rear end-chewing about this team's lack of discipline.

The question is whether Mike McCarthy is doing something about it.  If he is, it's not working.

After his Packers committed 11 penalties in a 31-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals:

"We need to change that around here. It's a focus and we'll stay after it."

After the Packers' loss to Minnesota on October 6th, in which the team committed five more penalties than the purple people:

"It's something that's addressed," he told the Journal Sentinel.

"I don't like how we've had more penalties than them, and that's happened a lot."

There's a scratch on the record, Coach.  The same song keeps playing from your mouth.

Your team has committed more penalties than any NFL team over the last three years.

It again reared its ugly head.  13 penalties against the Lions?  Whaaaaaaa?

More proof that this is the worst 26-point win EVER?

Five sacks to the Lions' front four and friends. 

If this had been Jared Allen and company, Rodgers might have suffered grass stains on the white of his jersey numbers about half of his dropbacks, potentially negating all of his 358 yards passing.

The magenta hat-brimmed coach's comments?

"The two big negatives are the sacks and the penalties. So, pre-snap, no excuse. No one feels good about that, but we'll look at the other stuff."

Then later: "We have to get it cleaned up."

My guy Bill Michaels, host of 620WTMJ's Packers Gameday postgame show Packers OT, makes the point that someone else needs to get cleaned up.

All after the worst 26-point win EVER.