Mercury Marine Could Leave State

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  • Outside Mercury Marine. | Photo: TODAY'S TMJ4 HD

FOND DU LAC - After 70 years in Wisconsin, Mercury Marine is the closest it has ever been to leaving for good.

The 830 union members at Mercury Marine vote on a new contract Sunday. If they vote no, Mercury Marine will most likely leave the state for its plant in Oklahoma.

Union leaders claim they plan to vote the deal down.

"They act like we're being greedy. The only ones being greedy is Mercury Marine," said local union representative Dan Longsine.

"There was nothing good in it for nobody, bunch of nasty for everybody," said Longsine.

According to Mercury Marine, a current employee would not see a wage cut, something the company president says is fair.

"If you vote on this, it says I keep my pay and respectable benefit package," said Mercury Marine president Mark Schwabero.

But the union claims the devil is in the details, with new and rehired employees taking a drastic cut in pay and health benefits.

"This is an insult when they tell the community they're offering competitive wages when in fact they're not competitive wages," said Longsine.

If Mercury Marine leaves, it would be a huge blow to the Wisconsin. Thomas Industries in Sheboygan is already leaving Wisconsin by the end of the year…taking with it hundreds of jobs.

"There comes a time you have to stand up and fight for something you believe in," said Longsine.

Even if taking a stand means losing your job.

"If the vote on Sunday is negative that would mean our manufacturing sector would not stay here," said Schwabero.