Girl Taken off Life Support

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WAUWATOSA - A 10-year-old girl found unresponsive in a pool has been taken off life support and has died.

The parents of Querriyana Gooding, Cory as she's known, made the terrifying choice Saturday of turning off the machine that was keeping their little girl alive.

"The mother is holding strong, the father is holding strong, the family is holding strong because we know God will give us strength so we're holding strong," said Renarda Cunningham who is Cory's aunt.

She tells TODAY'S TMJ4-HD her niece has been in critical condition, unresponsive since last week Thursday.

That's the day she went swimming with friends at an apartment complex on Milwaukee's northwest side. Suddenly witnesses say they heard children screaming. "She was face down in the deep end," said a witness who tried to save the girl.

Somehow the kids got over the gate that surrounded the pool and apparently there was no adult supervising. Cunningham does not know if her niece could swim.

"She had a beautiful smile. She just loved to play," Cunningham said about her niece.

She says the decision to take Cory off life support at Children's Hospital was a heart-wrenching one but they knew it was the right decision to make.

Now they have a warning to other parents. "If you have a pool near you or even if you don't have a pool, watch your kids, know where they are," said Greg Cooper, the girl's uncle.

A lesson learned the hardest way possible for a family that is now leaning on each other and their faith.

"We just treasure the moments she did have with us here," she said.